" It is not just your memory when you have dementia, it's more than that, it affects every aspect of your life and hopefully we'll get a cure for dementia soon - ADI 2015 delegate. "
Conference delegates share their thoughts in new short videos

Throughout the 30th Alzheimer’s Disease International Conference, held in Perth in conjunction with Alzheimer’s Australia, delegates were asked a series of questions and their responses were captured in these short video clips.

“People with dementia do have abilities and they have a right to engage in normal everyday activities. They have a right to have a life, a full-life” – ADI 2015

The questions included: what they were looking forward to at the conference; what dementia meant to them, and what could be done to make communities more dementia-friendly. Inclusivity, respect and the right for people to live a full and happy life with dementia, where society sees and recognises the person and not the disease were some of the responses delegates gave. To hear more about what the conference delegates had to say you can watch the three short videos below:


 Posted: April 21st, 2015

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