" Come Dance with Me is a new dementia-friendly dance program being launched in Brisbane during September. The class has been "
Day 26 – Christine, QLD

Come Dance with Me is a new dementia-friendly dance program being launched in Brisbane during September. The class has been designed to empower people with dementia to participate in the community while engaging in social and physical activity.

Anyone living with dementia, their family and friends will be welcome to join the Come Dance with Me program. The classes cater for all ages and all ability levels. There are no steps to remember, no left and right, no wrong way to dance, just positive encouragement for everyone to express themselves through dance.

Dementia advocate, Christine Bryden has recently participated in a trial of the dance classes. She believes that having the opportunity to continue to dance regardless of having dementia is for her an important part of a dementia-friendly community.

Christine says Come Dance With Me is a fantastic way of having fun with friends and family. You don’t have to talk – just smile and enjoy yourself. It’s about gentle movement to music, so you can join in sitting down if you want. Blokes are also welcome – my husband Paul is making sure it is not too girly! Music, movement and social activity are all really good for those of us with dementia”

The class has been developed in collaboration with Beverley Giles, a member of Act Dance who brings over 25 years experience working with people with dementia to the program. Beverley describes the purpose of the class as, ‘about giving people with dementia the opportunity to do something they love and simply move to the music’.

Beverley adds, Come Dance with me, is an activity a person with dementia can share with their partner, it brings joy, fun and laughter and has positive body and brain health benefits for both’.

This article features in Alzheimer’s Australia’s First Steps to a Dementia-Friendly Australia booklet.


 Posted: September 26th, 2014

Dementia Daily Team said:

Hi Val, This is run up Queensland. You can find out more about it in Alzheimer's Australia's 'First Steps' booklet on creating dementia-friendly communities here https://fightdementia.org.au/sites/default/files/First_Steps_web.pdf. It's on page 14 of the booklet. Good luck, The Dementia Daily Team

val said:

we have been talking about dance sessions but have not as yet actually developed anything.would appreciate information about the program

Terina said:

Beverly runs this program at our centre and we even have fun watching and sometimes join in. I would highly recommend this activity and believe it will be of benefit for all participants.

admin said:

Hi Michelle, Thanks for your interest. Best if you contact Alzheimer's Australia Qld. They would be able to help you further. You can contact them on either 1800 100 500 or on 07 3895 8200. Good luck. Thanks, The Dementia Daily team

Tara Quirke said:

We need more of these classes - ticks all the boxes for improving quality of life for all of us! Thank-you Christine and Beverley for being such strong dementia awareness advocates.

michelle said:

HI there, I live in Hervey Bay and am very interested to hear how this program works and also if it is something we can run from our own aged care facility. We dance often, but would like to know about this program. Thanks :)

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