" This international research supports the great work we are doing here in Australia with Your Brain Matters - Carol Bennett, CEO, Alzheimer's Australia "
Dementia risk reduction strategies prove beneficial for enhancing memory performance in older people

Researchers have shown that older adults who follow a healthy eating plan and undertake regular exercise and brain-training activities have enhanced memory performance, over those who don’t.

The ‘FINGER’ study, from Finland, is the first large, long-term, and methodologically robust trial showing that multiple approaches can improve or maintain cognitive functioning and reduce the risk of cognitive decline among older individuals.

The results were published in the journal Lancet Neurology and found that those who were in the intervention group who received comprehensive brain health advice had improved or maintained cognitive function over time (anywhere from 25-150% better than the control group who were given only basic health advice).

Carol Bennett, CEO Alzheimer’s Australia said she is encouraged by the findings and hoped that this will provide further incentive for the Australian Government to fund vital preventive health programs such as Your Brain Matters.

You can read more about the FINGER study at Dementia News and find out more about how to keep your brain healthy and reduce your dementia risk at Your Brain Matters.

 Posted: March 19th, 2015

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