" They cured Yvonne's cancer 20 years ago, when will they find a cure for Derek's dementia? "
Alzheimer’s Society film shows dementia treatments lag decades behind cancer

A new film from the Alzheimer’s Society shows dementia treatments lag behind treatments for cancer by almost 40 years.

Alzheimer’s Society released the film titled ‘A cure for Derek?‘ ahead of the G8 dementia summit in London this week.

It follows the lives of married couple Derek and Yvonne to highlight the disparity between treatments for cancer and treatments available for dementia.

You can watch ‘A cure for Derek?’ on the Alzheimer’s Society YouTube channel here, or to read more about the disparity between cancer treatments and dementia or G8 dementia summit, visit the Alzheimer’s Society’s website.

 Posted: December 9th, 2013

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