" We have also taken a look at whether this treatment can improve cognition, some early unpublished results show that it just might - Dr Sivaraman Purushothuman "
More evidence to support infrared light’s ability to reduce Alzheimer’s disease in mice

New Australian research has provided more evidence which suggests that infrared light can remove and reduce the levels of toxic proteins and plaques associated with the disease, in the brains of mice.

In their initial study, published in the Journal Alzheimer’s research and therapy, the researchers found that exposing mice to low level infrared light therapy reduced the formation of Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers in the cerebral cortex section of the brain – the outermost layer of the brain, responsible for functions such as language and information processing.

New findings, published in the Journal Neuroscience Letters, have again tested this approach in mice but in different areas of the brain and found that this treatment was again able to reduce levels of two key Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers in the brain.

Dementia News first wrote about this topic in June of last year, which you can read here, to read more about the current research visit Dementia News.

 Posted: March 20th, 2015

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