" Dementia Australia partnered with My Aged Care to undertake Enabling EDIE sessions in the Gold Coast, Wollongong and Box Hill in June and July 2019. "
My Aged Care staff complete Enabling EDIE dementia training

Dementia Australia engaged with My Aged Care to undertake Enabling EDIE sessions in the Gold Coast, Wollongong and Box Hill during June and July 2019.

These sessions were subcontracted to Dementia Australia by CIT Solutions. They form part of a refresher training program for over 450 staff, and highlight the investment My Aged Care is making to ensure staff are equipped to best support people living with dementia, their families and carers.

EDIE is an immersive workshop that enables participants to see the world through the eyes of a person living with dementia. Utilising high quality virtual reality technology, this workshop enhances knowledge of dementia while exploring enablement strategies to support a person with dementia to live more confidently.

The Enabling EDIE sessions help participants to develop a greater understanding of what dementia is, what it might feel like to live with dementia, associated stresses including communication barriers, and how to develop practical support strategies for working with people living with dementia, their families and carers.

Feedback was overwhelmingly positive from the sessions, with staff learning additional skills to assist clients such as the need to adapt communication so the person living with dementia can understand the process of an assessment, the importance of contrast and picture signage, and a greater understanding of the stress a carer might be dealing with.

Dementia Australia and the Department of Health are working together to identify even more opportunities to continue to build the understanding and capability of the My Aged Care workforce.

Staff feedback included:

“The dementia section was fabulous. Well put together and facilitated. The VR section gave some great insight into living with dementia.”

“The session is definitely going to change the way I view the clients calling with dementia.”

“It was really good to see what people with dementia see, to help us understand what they are going through.”

“Facilitators were terrific in that they engaged and provided time for everyone to learn at their own pace. Activities were thought provoking and relevant. Easy to take back learning to the centre and apply. Would love more of this type of training.”

More information on Enabling EDIE™ can be found at https://dementialearning.org.au/product/enabling-edie/


 Posted: October 14th, 2019

Veronese Burgess said:

I would love for my organisation/staff to be able to participate in such a training session. I myself was able to expereince using EDIE at a conference in Melb a few years ago. We could be available to join with others as we would only have asmall group of approximately 6.

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