" A short film highlighting the positive effects of person-centred care has won an International Health Short Film Festival award. "
Person-centred care film wins international award

A short film highlighting the positive effects of person-centred care has won an International Health Short Film Festival award.

Corinne Maunder, of Fire Films Australia, directed and co-produced Finding the Why, which won the Reel Health Film Award for 2014.

Finding the Why was commissioned by Colin McDonnell, Care Service Manager at UnitingCare Ageing’s Starrett Lodge and highlights the  work being done at Starrett Lodge to help residents there live life to the fullest.

You can watch Finding the Why below:

For more information about the film and the award visit Fire Films.

 Posted: October 22nd, 2014

Bronwyn said:

I have a dream, aged care needs to fun, exciting risk taking and no denial of ones sexuality a place that has support with the ability to push the boundaries. Aged care is for support to keep living not a place to rest and die

Nicoline said:

I had tears watching this. It will be great if there was a foundation focussing on fun activities around Australia - our elderly deserve it.

Christine said:

My mother suffered dementia. During her illness I became aware that there was a long way to go and more needed to be done to ensure that those with dementia were given the best possible chance to live their best life. I then became an aged care worker for 5 years (worst paying job I ever had but the best job I ever had). Starrett Lodge should be the model all dementia specific facilities need to copy and implement their programs and strategies. We need to constantly strive for better outcomes for our most vulnerable. Congratulations Starrett Lodge.

Kare said:

Thanks for sharing and being and inspirational, innovative

Sandy said:

So inspirational, and followed up with the Insight program tonight, there has to be change! Thank you for showing how it can be done!

Caroline said:

Simply wonderful! It's heart warming to see everyone having such a great time :)

Karen said:

how inspirational, made me cry. such a loving caring manager that enables folk to live this way.

Agnes said:

This is exactly what every elderly person deserves. Even if you are 90, you still have needs and desires and wishes and if they can be fulfilled, why not?

Debra said:

I found this so inspiring to share as it is how I see my art therapy sessions with residents.... Lots laughter and they want more I guese I am already converted others need to see this ?? So changes can be made for new ways to evolve for our seniors :)

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