" As my mother said so many times, I never promised life would be fair - Michelle Gravolin in a poetic tribute to her mum, Lyn. "
Poetic tribute to mum

Michelle Gravolin’s mum, Lyn is living with dementia. Michelle has written and shared this poem about her experience with her mum and how the diagnosis of dementia has touched their family.

Too Much

It is too much
It is too unkind
Unrelieved pain…

At times
Unable to comfort

I want to go home
Please, let me go home
Will you take me home?
Please, pleeeease…

Come on, darling
I want to go home
I want to go home
I am going home,
but I don’t know…
She wants to go home, too
Come on, darling, come on
I want to go home, now

I love you
I love you, too,
But I want to go home.

You are beautiful
I love you, too
I want to go home.

Even in her own bed
With comfort arms around her
In her home of fifty years
I just want to go home

It is very wearing

It is suffering

Walking can help
A quiet, kind, deep
smile can help

A hug can help

I love you
I love you, too
You are good at hugging
You are beautiful
Nice lady

Sometimes, music helps
And dancing

An animal
A child
A toy monkey
Hello, beautiful 

Tablets can bring
quiet, sleep,
distance, relief

Laughter is still there
Quick wittedness,
and wickedness:
It wasn’t me, it
was her!

Caring is there
Comforting our sadnesses
and pains
My tears in her lap
Her hands on my back

What to do?
It is unfair

Physical pain brings
relief unto death
Mental anguish?
[Am I dead?? she asks]
How to relieve?

Walking walking walking
Intense presence
Loving presence
Tablets walking

How to sustain?
How to give the required abundance?

Switch off. Ignore.
Try again.
Forgive self.

As my mother said
So many times,
I never promised life would be fair

I want to go home
Please take me home
Come on, darling, come on
I want to go home

Poem by Michelle Gravolin.

If anyone would like help and support, please phone the National Dementia Helpline on 1800 100 500 (during business hours).


 Posted: June 15th, 2015

Bev said:

Michelle, what a beautiful tribute to your Mum. I lost my brother to Alzheimers and it was very difficult. I watch you with her at the Good Life Chorus - you are so wonderful, kind and so loving - you make my heart ache but also I can feel the love you have for her. You are a brilliant daughter and your Mum is so lucky to have you. You are just giving back all the love I'm sure she gave you. God bless - wish I could ease your pain! Keep coming to GLC when you can make it - I'm sure it helps your Mum and I can see it helps you.

Debbie said:

Wow beautiful so true i to have written a few poems about dementia. I hate dementia i have looked after my mum nearly 9 years on my own. A true living heartbreaking nightmare. God bless you xxx

Sheryl said:

So touching. ❤ I used to care for these beautiful people and loved caring for them.❤ It's rewarding. ❤

Suzanne said:

Beautiful words but so true sending all my love stay strong .I am feeling your pain

Lyn said:

I also am a Gravolin , I would like you to know I symathise

Lee said:

I'm crying.

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