" We are looking forward to the trip of a lifetime and a huge sense of accomplishment. "
Sisters take on Everest to help fight dementia

Bronwyn Price and Tracy Townsend first heard about Dementia Australia when their mum was diagnosed with dementia.

Both Tracy and Bronwyn follow Dementia Australia on social media and soon heard about the Everest Base Camp – A Trek to Remember. The sisters had always wanted to trek to Everest Base Camp, but the trip seemed to forever be just out of reach.

However, Bronwyn did not immediately forward the details to Tracy.

“I thought long and hard before forwarding it to Tracy because I knew once I did, there was a very high chance we would be doing it and I needed to be sure. Sure enough, as soon as Tracy saw it we signed up!” Bronwyn said.

With no mountain climbing experience, Tracy and Bronwyn have both started training. Each week they climb the small mountains close to where they live, and walk between three and seven hours every week. They have also joined a gym which has come with its own challenges.

“We are using the gym to utilise the stair master machine from hell and practicing drinking a lot of water,” said Bronwyn.

Joining the thirteen other people already signed up for the trek, the ladies have both set high goals for what they aim to get out of the trip, both personally and on a larger scale. They say that for them, raising awareness of dementia and raising money to help to find a cure is of utmost importance.

On the impending adventure, the sisters said, “We are looking forward to the trip of a lifetime and a huge sense of accomplishment. We will improve our personal health and increase our physical fitness, including having buns of steel! We are really looking forward to hearing from other members of the trek, what they are doing to prepare and how they are going. This trek has given us the motivation to hike and trek and we are loving it. We have the next three years treks planned already! ”

Everest Base Camp- A Trek to Remember runs 21 October 2018 – 6 November 2018. For more information on how to join, to fundraise or to support those taking the challenge, please head to https://www.dementia.org.au/events/everest-a-trek-to-remember-all-states or contact Arpi on (02) 8875 4606.




 Posted: June 13th, 2018

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