" It is important to note however that these results are still preliminary and do not suggest that playing video games will lead to the onset of dementia. "
What are the effects of playing video games on the brain?

Dementia News has taken a look at a Canadian study focusing on a popular pastime, playing video games and what effect this can have for the brain.

If we add up all the hours each week people spend playing video games or gaming it would be more than 3 billion. It is suggested a teenager can spend nearly 10,000 hours gaming by the time they are 21.

Researchers from the Universite de Montreal in Canada have undertaken a preliminary study to better understand the impact of this intense exposure on cognitive and neural functioning. They recently published the results in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

The researchers found differences in the way the brain of action gamers compared to non-gamers worked while navigating through the game.

Further research is required to determine if these differences can have possible implications for the amount of grey-matter developed in the hippocampus and functional brain and possible association with an increased risk of neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease in frequent video gamers.

To find out more about the study and what potential impacts there are on brain function for gamers visit Dementia News.

 Posted: June 3rd, 2015

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